Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 11-02-2009

  • 00:01:41: Ladies Love Cool James....which is why I watch NCIS: Los Angeles.
  • 02:54:27: watching a grown woman wearing water wings on her arms throwing a temper tantrum over a waterslide on The Amazing Race.
  • 03:00:51: I'm terrified of heights, but you bet your ass i'm going down a 6-story waterslide if a million dollars be on the line.
  • 04:45:33: @cleive kudos for taking on models' sizes, now tackle model ageism too. Models over 25 still look good too!!
  • 04:47:51: @OGOchoCinco wake up? I'm just going to bed! Didn't u get that memo about me from @jaycrawfordespn?
  • 04:49:28: @jaycrawfordespn can u send that tweet to Larry Dolan along with the payroll numbers of the 97 Indians & a picture of Dick Jacobs?
  • 04:52:50: If crazy pants calls me 2nite, he will get call from my fake boyfriend later in the day. Will blog new sneaky way guys get ur digits later
  • 12:59:46: Impulsive Mars in your proud sign is under stress today by the... More for Leo
  • 16:02:15: Win a pair of flights every day this week, you choose where! #flymeto New York so i can hit modeling agencies
  • 16:03:17: @FitnessMagazine no kidding...and processed foods are even WORSE for those with ADD and depression
  • 16:06:45: @simpsonatc22 i hate to say this to you, but Yankees will win in 6, but Lee will protect the house
  • 16:08:20: @elizadushku on Halloween, guy sneakily got my number at bar and called me 8 times in the next 8 hrs including 4 times at 6:30am. crazy!
  • 17:27:54: @jaycrawfordespn like hell. If they were better they would have stopped ginn not once but twice
  • 17:29:08: On my way to get paid to watch baseball & football
  • 21:59:49: @SuzeOrmanShow good luck. U will see how we struggle to pay bills, can't afford to miss work & get treated like dirt at times by guests
  • 22:02:11: @simpsonatc22 I didn't see the a-rod hit, but umps are less likely to think intentional when hit by pitch in bunting situation.
  • 22:45:57: Read excerpt of Agassi bio in SI...WOW! his dad is psycho & so is Steffi Graf's. Maybe that's why I wasn't better: normal parents
  • 23:18:40: if you don't like the fact that flights at night disturb your sleep, don't live near the effin airport! #burbank #losangeles.

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