Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 11-01-2009

  • 01:12:31: Taco bell grease has magical powers that scares off hangover headaces
  • 01:28:22: @NickSwisher BTW, I didn't know you were a Buckeye! Class of 2000 here! O-H.....
  • 03:03:17: The fun police were out in Hollywood too in addition to the regular cops:
  • 03:04:57: @LasVegasAngel and most of them, if like hollywood, were too fat to be showing that much skin. I'm not talking curvy girls, talking rolls
  • 03:08:12: @OGOchoCinco sorry for your loss. If u have time, the griddle cafe on sunset is great for breakfast in LA.
  • 03:09:23: @OGOchoCinco btw did u see that skip dressed up as u on first take?!? I think he secretly likes u haha
  • 13:58:59: It's about damn time Ted ginn hr started earning his checks in Miami & I think I have a crush on Chad henne despite his Michigan-ness
  • 14:02:17: Some crazy at the bar last night found a sneaky way to get my number & then called me FOUR times at 6:30am. May need a fake boyfriend
  • 14:58:00: @OGOchoCinco ginn finally earned his paycheck acting like he was back at Ohio State... About time. Go Fins! (Ohio loyalty only goes so far)
  • 15:38:39: RT @OGOchoCinco @BritneySpears are you still looking for a back up dancer, there might be a lockout in 2011, my number is the same, call me.
  • 16:13:43: @LasVegasAngel want me to give him your number? j/k.
  • 16:45:55: @SaraJBenincasa isn't freaky? wait until it get dark at like 5pm.
  • 18:31:40: @TimBella hell yeah CC!
  • 18:32:50: Listened to Sirius big 80s vj countdown on way to work. 1989 was a good film & music year
  • 18:34:14: Thank Jesus I'm breaker...fucking lakers game.
  • 22:38:01: @simpsonatc22 tell us how u REALLY feel
  • 22:42:45: @TalentAgentLA remember that agent of mine I was asking those "is this normal" questions about? I fired them. Thank u for all the advice
  • 22:57:41: @simpsonatc22 no killing him with ur bare hands... We don't have money for bail

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