CYDWI: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and today (10/4/20) is the 10th anniversary of meeting my abuser for the first time. I was with him from 2010-2016 and i share some of the non-physical abuse that i was subjected to over the course of our relationship. I also detail how not all domestic violence is physical and the other forms of intimate partner violence that can occur in relationships. Finally, I speak on the impact of emotional abuse and some of the ways that I recovered and rediscovered myself in the aftermath.

Imperfect Foods Box 56

I FINALLY got my juice and i took the suggestion of one of my viewers to try the lamb tamales (they are excellent btw). Watch what else i have to unbox in my Imperfect Foods box and if you want $10 off your first box, leave a comment and i will give you my referral code so you can start cooking imperfect as well.