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Dammit, I had the catchiest (but sexually degrading) name for this team and then the league commish decided that the teams names needed to have a college football theme. It was Rodgers, My Other White Meat because I've had Aaron Rodgers for 3 years and this league is all of my boyfriend's friend....hence, Aaron Rodgers is my other white meat (since Brendan is obviously my first). Probably a good thing for the change though considering he seemed a little offended when I told him about it. So, Buckeyes Are Deadly Nuts because...well...they are. I'm still leaving my photo though...it's a meme of Aaron Rodgers diving in the air with the ball and the caption "Tim Tebow prays to me"

QB: Aaron Rodgers
RB: Darren Sproles
RB: Steve Jackson
WR: Larry Fitzgerald
WR: Mike Wallace
TE: Tony Gonzalez
OP: Cecil Shorts
D/ST: Seattle
K: Justin Tucker
BE: Vick Ballard
BE: Greg Jennings
BE: Christine Michael
BE: Shonn Greene
BE: Sidney Rice
BE: Mike Tolbert
BE: Brian Hartline

Someone explain to me how the hell it appears that my 12-team league seems like a stronger team than this one which is a 10-team league. God, I want to shoot this team already.