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It's the Allure Spring Beauty Thrills box. These boxes usually sell out as soon as they go one sale and this one was awesome. Way too many products to tag or name.

I'm a little backlogged with Tomboy Beauty videos, but this the May Ipsy episode. It features products from Mellow Cosmetics, Hanalei, Eva NYC, Aurora and Smashbox.

Tomboy Beauty: May Birchbox #OutOfDoors

This episode of Tomboy Beauty features the May 2016 Birchbox. Products include amika, Jouer Cosmetics, Supergoop!, VITA LIBERATA & W3ll People

Check out the May Allure Beauty Box episode of Tomboy Beauty. Theme: #HotSummer featuring products from FOREO, Equitance, Cōtz, Pixi Inc., MAKE UP FOR EVER & Lauren B. Beauty. Also learn the difference between day and night cleansers for your face.

This is the last of the spring boxes and I've saved the best for last....Beautycon. This is a new addition to the Tomboy Beauty lineup to replace the elimination of the FabFitFun Box. The spring box is a collaboration with YouTube personality Bunny Meyer aka Grav3yardgirl. I'm so impressed with this box that I also bought a ticket to Beautycon in July!!! (yes, i'm becoming a convention person). I got all of this (plus 3 other boxes throughout the year) for a solid $99 a year.

Still uploading April videos still into May (I have to get better at this). Anyway, this is the April glambag from Ipsy. The theme was The Dreamers or Dreamers for short. i'm quite fond of this cute little bag. Love the color scheme. The tapered highlighter brush from Luxie Beauty is great to use with my Benefit "Girl Meets Pearl" highlighter. You can catch live episodes on Periscope: @amyharber. Find out when i'm going live by following me on Twitter: @amyharber and if you want to see a photo of the bag, Instagram: @amydharber

Another day, another new episode of my live-streaming beauty show Tomboy Beauty. This episode features the April Birchbox which was a collab with Rifle Paper Company. Live episodes are on periscope: @amyharber with re-airs on youtube.

Yet another new episode of my live-streaming makeup show Tomboy Beauty. This episode features the limited edition collaboration box with Benefit Cosmetics and you got it with a $50 purchase at the exclusive invite only Birchbox subscribers event at Benefit Cosmetics store in Santa Monica, CA (it was called the Benebash!)

It's another episode of my live-streaming makeup show: Tomboy Beauty!!! If you want to watch when i go live, be sure to follow me on Periscope: @AmyHarber or Twitter: @AmyHarber. This episode is the 2nd of the first 2 beauty boxes that I got from Allure magazine.

The Allure March/April episode of Tomboy Beauty is up....this is a NEW addition to my Tomboy Beauty lineup and I'm excited to bring it to you!!!!

i swear i'm going to blog more in 2016

This blog is turning 15 years old this year.....yeah 15! I know! shut up and get the fuck out of here. really? yeah, really! Can you believe this shit? I think this is the longest relationship i've ever had with anything outside of my family. Now it's come close to dying a few times in recent years as I got busy with other forms of social media, but i think it's coming off of life support. Sometimes you have to get things off your chest and out of your head in more than 140 characters...and for the record, even if Twitter does expand, I'm keeping it at around 140. come on man, it's a tweet, short and sweet.

Anyway, i just need to write more. Be more creative. Get more things out there. Share my feeling more and well if you want to read it, read it and if not, move on. Sometimes i need to rant and maybe part of my anxiety problems that i've had in recent years are because i stopped venting some much on my blog and started bottling it up inside

they might be shorter entries compared to the novel-esque entries i used to write years ago, but hey....i'm a busy girl doing busy things these days (2 jobs, acting/modeling/voiceover, hosting 3 of my own projects on Periscope while developing a 4th....oh and trying to win back the love of my life after I contributed to screwing it up by being lazy about life among a few other things.). I'm constantly complaining how i don't have enough hours in a day so writing freaking War and Peace probably wouldn't work now.

that being said....it's shower time. acting gig tomorrow.

The Festivus Airing of Grievances

"I got a lot of problems with you people and now you're gonna hear about it!"

That's right....the Festivus tradition of airing one's grievances...which consists of me lashing out at others and the world about how they have disappointed me in the past year. (or basically what I do on a daily basis during Cleveland Indians or Miami Dolphins games)

Let us begin....

-Bryce Harper, Kevin Love and Simon LeBon: you have disappointed me by not agreeing to go out on a date with me yet (yeah, I know the last one has been married to his model wife for like 30 years now....doesn't mean it's still not a disappointment year in, year out)
-All you breeders (you know, people with those germ carrying money sucking dream killers known as children): you have disappointed me by not hiring a fucking babysitter before you go to shop at Target....or the mall....or the grocery store....or the nail salon.
-Cleveland Indians: um....no social media seats this year? yeah that needs to change next season.
-Miami Dolphins: try the whole damn shitshow of a season. sorry, but i'm being honest. still love you though.
-Cleveland Cavaliers: i never get any (social media) love from you....besides Kevin, but I have my own grievance with him.
-Columbus Blue Jackets: i faithfully stand by while you not only abuse me with you abysmal record but also ignore my tweets as well.
-ESPN: sure you got a lot of new chicks on the air, but you're still missing me. Sarah Spain, Prim Siripipat & Kate Fagan rock!
-Tyra Banks: I'm still disappointed that you didn't go out with an all-ages cycle of America's Next Top Model. shame on you. Were you afraid I'd outfierce and outsmize your ass like Naomi Campbell still continues to do after all of these years & show you up on your own show? It's okay to be honest and say you're afraid that I'd be just too damn awesome.
-Starbucks: I should not be paying almost $3 for a drip coffee with caramel syrup.
-Trader Joes: i really need you to step up your social media game already. think of all the fun we could be having. I mean seriously....can someone get Joe a damn twitter account already?!!? it's almost 2016 for the love of Two Buck Chuck!
-Cosmopolitan magazine: Enough with the American Whore Story known as the Kartrashians. seriously...enough. no means no. Every other month one of these famous for nothing idiot hooker botox-faced placenta-eating heifers is on the cover of what used to be like the Holy Bible of magazines. Then they put the whole trashy lot of them on the cover one month and dub them "America's First Family" Maybe that's what inspired that lady who blinded herself with drain cleaner to do the deed. There weren't enough of those little perfume sample strips in that month's issue to make the stench of their trollopy vaginas go away from the cover.
-New England Patriots: I really really really really just hate you. end of story.
-Target: I'm disappointed you don't have a cage in the back of your store to lock up all the screaming kids.
-DunkinDonuts: I need a store closer to mid-city los angeles. don't be afraid of the "hood"
-McDonalds: your holiday drink game was weak aka nonexistent this year. Do better
-Victoria's Secret/PINK: you gave me crappy stuff for Indians in the MLB line & then no Dolphins stuff whatsoever this season for NFL line. You get coal for #festivus. Go lick a frozen Festivus pole!
-Donald Trump: You keep saying you're going to make America great again, yet you haven't left for Antarctica yet. Take that dead small furry woodland creature decaying on top of your head with you. That poor thing had a mother or was someone's mother. it deserves better.
-American Airlines: there are not enough characters allowed on twitter for me to even start so why bother?.....oh wait...i'm not on Twitter now....so let's cut through the bullshit. You are the shittiest airline ever. Your customer service director must be Atilla the Hun reincarnated because all of your representatives are heartless savage minions who are obviously following some cruel sadistic ringleader's orders to unleash the most unbearable hell and torture on travelers. I wouldn't even wish you on the Kartrashians.

Help me with my live-streaming shows!!!!

I'm planning some episodes of my live-streaming cooking show "Hungry Like the Cook" and "Amy's Tasty Travels". I'd love to know what the viewers would like to see. Also, I'm looking for a title for my upcoming sports show that everyone has been DYING for me to debut already.

Poll #2021629 hungry

What would you like to see me cook next?

breakfast dish
lunch/dinner dish
something from one of your many cookbooks
other (leave suggestion in comments)

What should I name my upcoming live-streaming sports show?

Sugar, Spice and Everything Sports
The Church of Sports
Homers, TDs & Goals.
The Fan Cave
other (leave in comments, must be all sports encompassing)

Give me suggestions of places in L.A. to hit up for Amy's Tasty Travels

Amy's Tasty Travels: Tierra Mia coffee

I was looking for a post office after having lunch in Downey & I stumbled upon this adorable little coffee cafe in Pico Rivera right next to the post office. I wish L.A. proper had more places like this.

Hungry Like The Cook: Berry Pie

It's way too hot to cook, so I've put my live-streaming cooking show "Hungry Like the Cook" on hiatus until it cools down. Therefore, I'm taking this time to look back on some of the videos that I've already done since I started in June.

So this was my VERY FIRST dive into the live cooking pool on Periscope. It's before I got my tripod, before I really knew what the hell I was doing. To add to the fun, it's also the first time I ever made a lattice-style pie crust which means it could've been a disaster on live internet.

and here's the finished product:

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